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  • What Platform Should I Use?

    We’re often asked, should you hire a web designer to build you a killer custom site or go for the DIY option. While using a professional is certainly a good option if you have the budget, it’s also not the only way. It’s getting easier and easier to produce a great looking site yourself, however be sure to educate yourself on the pro’s and con’s of DIY templated sites, the effect of search, on-going maintenance and longevity of your new site.

    Our team works primarily with Drupal and WordPress, we can explain both options and understand which would be the best fit for your company.

    How much should I spend?

    First things first…. Are you asking the right question?


    • Why does my company need a new website? (E.g., we need to rebrand, our current website was not done well, our sales team needs more leads from the site, etc.)
    • How will our company use this website? (E.g., we just need a website to show we exist—eye candy, we need a second touch to follow other traditional marketing, we need to generate serious traffic and leads that are interested in our services, we need a site that our clients will use as a software portal, etc.)
    • What are the things I most value in a website? (E.g., easy to use, sleek, looks great on a mobile device, easy to update, integrated blog, tie-ins to social media, landing pages, email marketing integration, metrics that are easy to understand, etc.)

    The question of how much you should spend on a website comes down to what you want to do with your website and how much you can afford.

    That’s why it’s so critical to figure out your budget before you start shopping for a website. You wouldn’t buy a car or a house without a budget. Don’t do it with a website.

    WordPress sites typically fall between $7000 – $12,500

    Drupal development sites start at $15,000

    Are there hidden costs?

    No. We agree a fixed price with you, which means you know exactly what you will pay. Quotes are always given before we start any work, and costs are clearly documented. The only time we would charge additional fees would be in the instances where a client requests a new page or some additional material or images for the website after work has commenced. Charges for additional work such as this are always given before the work starts.

    How long will it take to build my site?

    Most sites from a blank slate will take between 4 – 6 months.

    Once we have completed our first discovery meeting your company will be presented with a list of requirements required to complete the project.  Staff photos, images, videos, content… etc.

    What features are a "MUST" have?

    For many companies, a website doesn’t have to be astronomically expensive to be effective, but in this modern era of the interwebs, you should at a minimum have the following features:

    1. The ability to add and edit content without relying on someone else. So, you’ll want to build this site on a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or HubSpot. (Don’t build on Drupal—just take my word for it.)
    2. Pages that describe each of your services and how they benefit your customers. Make sure these pages include copy written in such a way that it engages your readers and helps them take the next step toward becoming a lead.
    3. A blog for generating content quickly. For most platforms, this should be integrated in already.
    4. Landing pages to collect information about leads. The easier it is to build landing pages, the more readily you’ll use them. Ergo, you’ll get more leads. See that? (BTW, that officially marks the first time I’ve used the word “ergo” in a post or anytime for that matter.)
    5. Integration with email and social marketing. This means that your website is easy to share and has URLs that make sense to humans.
    6. Designed for optimum use on all devices. This usually means “responsive design.” Your site should look great on a desktop, tablet, phone, Apple Watch… (Well, maybe it’s not quite critical for that last one.)
    What happens after I get a quote?

    We call you / meet you to learn about your business and target audience, find out your exact requirements and objectives. Then, we analyse your requirements and make recommendations to achieve your objectives. Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, we create design visuals, along with detailed information about the website: once you are happy with our proposal, the development can begin, eg coding the actual, functional website and developing the functionalities (enquiry form, content management system, shopping cart, etc). The last phase is to thoroughly test the website to ensure that it is error free.

    How does the payment process work?

    The project starts with a 50% deposit. After design sign off and before we move into programming, we collect 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 25% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch.  We won’t even ask for the final payment until you are happy with what is produced.

  • How much will I spend after my site is live?

    Your Website should never be treated as a one-time fee. 

    Budget for building a website and for the ongoing marketing of your site. Without putting time, effort, and money into your website, you’ll likely not accomplish your goals if they are anything beyond just “having a website.”

    The companies who are really succeeding online have figured out that creating an easy-to-use, purpose-focused website is actually the beginning of the process and not the end. Once they get a website built, they focus their resources on driving traffic, leads, and customers with it.

    5% of revenue model.

    • Gross Annual Revenue $5,000,000
    • Total Marketing Budget $250,000
    • Marketing Staffing $75,000
    • Remaining Marketing Spend $175,000
    • ONLINE SPEND $87,500

    Trends have shown online marketing spend increase year after year with the average company spending at least half of marketing dollars to online due to the high level of flexibility and accountability.

    Do we have to hire someone to update content?

    Most sites built now are on CMS (content management solutions)tools like WordPress or Drupal.  Our team will provide a basic training on using the software enabling your company to update content and create blog/news posts.

    Will GOOGLE like my new site?

    The short answer is YES, but as you know Google is always changing.

    Every site will build will be coded with special attention to the latest Google trends, analytic tracking and web master tool submissions.  Once the site is launched we will recommend the best approach based on your vertical market to have effective placement against your competition.

    Do I have to host my site with you?

    NO! Everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website. But if for any reason you decide you want to take your site to another hosting service and get another company to service the site, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. The website is yours after all, and we want you to take it wherever you go.

    Where will my site be hosted?

    All websites that RETRIO created must live in our servers. However, if at any time you wish to move to a new web firm + web host, we will package up your site at no cost to send to the new firm. Though at that time, we will no longer be able to support your site. Our servers are housed in a Chicago data centre and mirrored in Michigan. On top of that RETRIO also has a 3rd party 24/7/365 security and monitoring team, so even when we are all sleeping, your server is being watched over.

    What is SEO/SEM? Do I need it?

    Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are perhaps the two most important terms on the internet today. Search Engine Optimization refers to the ability to infuse a website with search-engine friendly code. As simple as that might sound, it isn’t. Algorithms from Google, MSN, and Yahoo are growing more intelligent and more complex by the day. Sites must be constructed with the correct architecture, have the right keyword density, and contain enough articles to sustain themselves there. For highly competitive search terms SEO can cost more than the website itself. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) are directly related to items such as title tags, meta tags, and folder names.

    Search Engine Marketing is the umbrella that includes SEO. Also included are paid banner ads, Google AdSense, and contextual advertisements.

    This is something we review will all clients and make the best recommendation based on budget.

  • How are requests handled after my site is launched?

    Most clients purchase blocks of time for continued web site growth and content creation.  Purchasing these blocks will automatically have a staff member on your site at least once a week, during this time we will be proactive on your site and optimizing for better search results.  If you have additional requests they can be worked on during the time.  If your request needs more attention they will be assigned in the top of the task queue for completion.

    If you are not participating in our pre purchased blocks of time your support requested are added to the queue following our priority pre paid clients and billed in 15 minute increments at $75 per hour.

    Can you help with print design?

    Yes. We have a large network of designers that can produce web as well as print designs.  We do our best to keep all marketing in one place, even if we don’t have a team member to cover your needs we most likely have a relationship with someone that will.

    Will you provide a full copy/backup of our site if requested?

    Yes, You 100% own everything that RETRIO creates for you and if requested we will provide a one-time full backup of your website. If additional backups are needed there is a minimal cost of generally $70 for 30 minutes of labor.

    Can you help with Email setup?

    Yes, we like Google mail and have no issues helping your team set this up.  Cost is typically $75-125 for set up.